The mansion was reconstructed and renovated with the appropriate care, during 2015. These original manor houses were built more than 150 years ago by a Greek business man from Constantinople who was in love with the island. He was over fascinated by the Cycladic architecture and philosophy of the Greek islands. During the first construction he found and kept them safe a lot of antiques as well as genuine Santorinian artifacts and unique items of different sections of the island’s history.


Our hotel has an uninterrupted and unobstructed volcano-sea view. Images and feelings created by the Greek light, the crystal clear sky, the unique beauty of Santorini and the power of the caldera gave birth to a UNIQUE LUXURY LIVING hotel that will make your stop on your journey to Santorini a once in a lifetime experiences. Smart and modern in design, yet reassuringly unpretentious in attitude Sophia Suites offer a relaxed retreat with breathtaking magnificent views of the endless Aegean Blue. Befitting its location and true to its name, Sophia Luxury Suites is a careful balance of elegant sophistication and raw natural beauty, of local architecture. A masterpiece of elegantly refined tradition, a supreme all-suite sanctuary for the senses, inviting you to share a heavenly, once-in-a-lifetime experience while marveling at the world’s most fascinating sunsets.


We strongly believe Sophia Caldera Luxury Suites is one of the hidden new-born gems and offers some of the most magnificent, spacious, luxury living hotel suites in Santorini. This romantic traditionally modern boutique property with its individually styled suites and rooms is the ideal choice for couples on honeymoon seeking the classic infamous Caldera sunset view.

We Breathe Your Memories to Life

The endless Aegean Sea embraces you and the sun is bright so pack light.

You dreamed of it and here you are. You wanted to be part of it and I am giving you the best of me.

My white washed luxury cave houses await you, filled with past treasures and earthly tones.

Look out your window. From East to West & North to South, Santorini is waving back. Magical blues till the eye can see, villages from centuries ago, cascading down the Caldera’s Cliffside, with the pink tinted sunsets being your sweetest dessert.

Welcome. I have been waiting for you.

I arranged a trip for two. For you to see this life through my experienced eyes.

They say to travel is to explore, so take my hand and I will show you the best there is to see.

I scheduled time for you to relax, to be set free in caring hands, so you may find your true hideaway.

So smile, take everything in and live in the moment.

I have arranged for you to taste the unexpected, let your spirit fly.

I have been built on traditions and old tales, of eras long gone, of big crusades and romantic gestures, and I have been filled up with footprints of people that have crossed my doorways and left their best adventures hidden behind my walls.

I am at your service, to offer luxury and comfort, to make this place one you will always cherish.

I hope you enjoy your stay here for I have soul and it’s all yours.


With love,
Sophia’s Luxury Suites”

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