Sunset Dinner

Dining in Sophia Luxury Suites is an everyday festivity and as such it ought to be joyful: laughs, cocktails and plates compose every sunset-dinner’s Utopic melody combined with the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the mesmerizing volcanic view. It is Philoxenia (Hospitality) through taste. Our innovative menu constantly evolves as the time passes by and challenges you enjoy it. It is like an Enigma and our mission is to make sure that you remember what you felt and not only what you ate.


Located in beautiful Imerovigli, our luxury hotel allows you to enhance your unique dining experience by enjoying the magical, breath taking view from the highest point of the famous Caldera of Santorini, the pearl of the Aegean Sea. The feeling of getting out of your Crypt and watching the sunset from your exclusive balcony is a pleasure you will certainly treasure in the years to come.


In Sophia, which is the Greek word for wisdom, we serve inspired cuisine with respect to cooking, ingredients, service and Philoxenia which are all basic Characteristics of the Greek cooking philosophy. We enjoy creating delicious poems using traditional ideas and ingredients from this blessed land, handpicked during the first light of the Aurora. We urge you to savour them and accompany them with an amazing local wine from Santorini’s rare grape varieties.


Here in Sophia we created a very special Mediterranean experience based on our principles: Philoxenia, Luxury and Love. We welcome you to our brand new, modern, and luxury premises and urge you to take a sneak peek into our open kitchen which is full of kindness and let the Aromas enchant you.


We want you to feel Efharis (Excited), to speak on a first name basis, to feel like home, to turn your stay to an unforgettable experience.


Sophia puts wine in your glasses, urges you touch your convive and wishes you to enjoy your private dinner.