Wedding Proposal

You know that you will be telling all about your proposal to friends and family for the rest of your life. You would love to share the story again and again.


We can bring into reality the perfect wedding proposal, we customize everything according to your needs, your wishes and your dreams. The Team of Sophia Luxury Suites will plan, prepare and organize everything perfectly for you and you will be able to enjoy and savor every moment.


Trust our experienced team of specialists for one of the most important moments of your life and let us lead you to a fantasyland where romance, love and luxury rein. The amazing, breath taking view, the magical, unique sunset and the mystical aura of the volcanic earth will set the scene for your fairytale. The breeze of the Aegean Sea will seal your love and fair wind will follow you on your joint journey in life.


Whether you dream something royal, luxury, private or with friends, casual chic or extraordinary, we will turn your dream into reality and reality into a once in a lifetime experience.


Sophia Luxury Suites offers you premium concierge services according to your personal style and your specific requirements. Customize your dream, spoil yourselves and allow Sophia Luxury Suites Team to offer you luxury tailor made services and to organize everything with care, enthusiasm and discretion. We can bring your dreams to life!


Respect to your wishes is our number one goal.


Contact us and let’s plan together one of the best and most important moments of your life.


Your journey starts here and for Sophia Luxury Suites sky is the limit.


Dream big and we will make it happen!

The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives. Ready to pop the question but you aren’t sure how to make your proposal extra special? Coming up with the right way to ask those four little words (“Will you marry me?”) can be a challenge even for those who are romantic on an everyday basis.
Our advice: Put your own spin on it. It should also be personalized to your relationship.

More and more people decide to have a destination wedding proposal, far from home. For most of us a perfect proposal setting is somewhere exotic, far from reality, friends and family, somewhere romantic and never to forget.
Proposing while being away has something from the fairytale. It creates a place in space that seems to exist only for us, a place where we can come back to feel these emotions again, a perfect getaway. This unknown area adds the allure to the moment of proposal. Being far away from our everyday worries make everything looks so possible and perfect.

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and a truly great marriage proposal can be very hard to think of. You want to be original, but you don’t want to overdo it. You want your partner to say yes (and cry a lot).
You also want to make sure your proposal is very unique to your relationship. All that being said, Sophia Luxury Suites Special Events Team is here not only to assist you with everything but take it for your shoulders.
The marriage proposal should be enjoyed by both of you, so we take on the challenge of creating the perfect scenery, all abiding to your wishes, and solving all the small details that make you nervous, so you can be more stress free to enjoy this day and to have a romantic amazing story to tell and remember.