Yoga Sessions

Find your inner peace and the complete relaxation with a yoga and meditation session. Sophia Luxury Suites has the perfect, calm place for your mental escape and provides you the ability to get in touch with your real self. Feel the volcanic energy of the island and let its magical spirit inspire you.


The infinite blue at your feet and the breeze of the Aegean Sea will provide you the best environment to retreat from the world and calm your soul. Let your mind and body reconnect and give you the chance to totally recharge your batteries.


Embark to a magical and mysterious journey that will lead you to serenity.

Ignite your spirit with a private yoga session, overlooking the Caldera views with the volcanic islands as a backdrop.

The unique aura of the dramatic landscape, the metaphysical energy of the volcano, along with rich and healthy flavors from our cuisine and a relaxing massage will leave you completely re-energized.

Yoga sessions are only upon request so let us know if you would like to experience your own yoga senses and we shall make it happen.